I’ve nameserver like ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com. I’d like to provide Vanity DNS for each domain such as ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com. Basically, my users should able to call my dns server as their own servers. This will create the illusion that my user run their own name servers. How do I setup vanity DNS using BIND 9 under UNIX / Linux?

A. It is pretty easy to setup nameserver for each domain using BIND. For example, ns1.nixcraft.net and ns2.nixcraft.net can be used as vanity DNS for theos.in domain.

Our sample setup

Your real DNS server Vanity DNS IP address for both Real and Vanity servers
ns1.nixcraft.net ns1.theos.in
ns2.nixcraft.net ns2.theos.in

So instead of using ns1.nixcraft.net, you use ns1.theos.in for theos.in. Please replace domain name and IPs according to your requirements.

How do I setup Vanity DNS for theos.in domain?

You need to register ns1.theos.in and ns2.theos.in with your domain service provider or ISP with the following settings:

  1. ns1.theos.in :
  2. ns2.theos.in :

Next, you need to setup named.conf as follows on master bind 9 server, enter:
# vi named.conf
Append zone as follows, enter:

zone "theos.in" {
        type master;
        file "/etc/bind/zones/master.theos.in";
        allow-transfer { };

Save and close the file. Run following command to check named.conf for error:
# named-checkconf
Now, create /etc/bind/zones/master.theos.in zone file:
# vi /etc/bind/zones/master.theos.in
Append zone as follows, enter:

$ORIGIN theos.in.
$TTL 3h
@        IN SOA ns1.theos.in. hostmaster.theos.in. (
                       2008071801        ; Serial yyyymmddnn
                       3h                ; Refresh After 3 hours
                       1h                ; Retry Retry after 1 hour
                       1w                ; Expire after 1 week
                       1h)             ; Minimum negative caching of 1 hour
; Vanity DNS
@                      86400    IN NS    ns1.theos.in.
@                      86400    IN NS    ns2.theos.in.
@                     86400     IN MX 10 smtp.theos.in.
; Vanity DNS must point to IP of ns1.nixcraft.net and ns2.nixcraft.net
ns1                    86400    IN A
ns2                    86400    IN A
; host stuff
@                      86400    IN A
www                    86400    IN A
ftp                    86400    IN A

Save and close the file. Run zone file validity checking for theos.in, enter:
# named-checkzone theos.in /etc/bind/zones/master.theos.in
Sample output:

zone theos.in/IN: loaded serial 2008071801

Now just reload bind 9, enter:
# rndc reload

Slave server configuration

Open named.conf on slave server and append following code:

     zone "theos.in" {
                type slave;
                file "/etc/bind/zones/slave.theos.in";
                masters {; };
                allow-transfer { none; };

Save and close the file. Run following command to check named.conf for error:
# named-checkconf
Reload named, enter:
# rndc reload
It may take anywhere from 24-48 hrs to propagate a domain across the internet. You can test your setup with the following command:
$ host -t ns theos.in
Sample output:

theos.in name server ns1.theos.in.
theos.in name server ns2.theos.in.