Microsoft Hyper-V uses some paravirtualized drivers that are available on Debian/Ubuntu out of the box but needs to be configured at boot time: this means for example that you’ll not be ablo to use Synthetic NICs (the default network interface cards created by Hyper-V) rather than legacy NIC.

If your kernel version is 2.6.32 or above (Ubuntu 10.04) you can easily overcome this limitation enabling the builtin Hyper-V drivers: once finished the installation process, log in as root to your guest (log in as your regular user and issue the “su -i” command) .

We must load Hyper-V drivers, so add to “/etc/initramfs-tools/modules” the following lines:


save the file and issue the following command:

update-initramfs –u

reboot your system – every Hyper-V module will be loaded at the next boot

you can of course enable these modules on previous version of the distro, but you shuld download and compile a kernel that is 2.6.32 or above