• A backup of your /usr/local/atmail/av/etc/clamd.conf file.
  • A backup of your /usr/local/atmail/av/etc/freshclam.conf file.
  • zlib-devel, or libz-devel libraries
  • A post-3.2 version of GCC


Download the newest clam software from See the « Stable Releases » page for info.
If you have concerns in relation to security, and feel that you need to verify the integrity of your download, read on. Otherwise, skip to instruction number 6.

Download the clamav GPG key into the same directory as your download.

% wget

Import the key into your local public keyring.

% gpg --import tkojm.gpg

Verify that the stable release download is signed with Tomasz Kojm’s (ClamAV lead developer) key.

% gpg --verify clamav-X.XX.tar.gz.sig

Note: The resulting output MUST contain the following.
Good signature from Tomasz Kojm (tk at

Extract ClamAV package.

% tar -zxvf clamav-0.97.8.tar.gz

(change filename for the correct version)

Install ClamAV.

% cd clamav-x.xx
% ./configure --with-user=atmail --with-group=atmail --prefix=/usr/local/atmail/av/ --disable-zlib-vchecks
% make
% make install

Open up the ClamAV configuration file, /usr/local/atmail/av/etc/clamd.conf, and delete the following line.

For example find this line in the file:


Change to:

FixStaleSocket 1

Save all changes then restart Atmail.

% /etc/init.d/atmailserver restart

Update ClamAV signatures

% /usr/local/atmail/av/bin/freshclam –stdout